PRO - Feature Comparison

rubiTrack 6 comes with the optional PRO subscription. The table below lists all major differences between rubiTrack 6 and rubiTrack 6 PRO.

Base PRO
Activity Management
Dark Mode
Activity collection view
Activity list view  
Activity calendar view  
Activity details
Two-way interactive map and chart
Maps - Outdoor, OpenstreetMap
Maps - Satellite, Satellite Streets, Bright, Streets, Monochrome, Circulation, Cartogram, Landscape  
Maps zoom max level 16 18
Activity chart
Visual activity comparison
Zones display in chart and map
Automatic sidebar groups
Activity focus mode  
Activity weather  
Activity search  
Track data editor  
Data Import, Sync and Export
Import from activity files
Import from connected devices
Import from MTP devices  
Cloud activity sync with Garmin Connect, Suunto App, Polar Flow and Strava
Cloud health data sync with Withings and Fitbit
WiFi Sync with rubiTrack for iPhone
Cloud data backup
Activity export
Timeline filter  
Visual comparison of two time periods  
Completely customizable activity charts
Activity types management  
Configuration management  
Zones editing  
Dated zones  
Chart colors  
Custom sidebar groups  
Training Summary  
Timeline filter  
Time spans  
Historic activity analysis  
Performance analysis with forecast  
Zones distribution charts  
Unlimited configurable chart setups  
Athlete Log  
Athlete info
Detailed athlete log  
Side-by-side activity and athlete log data comparison  
Athlete progress monitoring  
Equipment Management  
Detailed records of equipment usage by activity  
Hierarchical equipment structures  
Automatic assignment of equipment to activities  
Automatic maintenance checks  
rubiTrack for iPhone
Activity collection
Activity details
Activity map
Activity chart
Activity calendar  
Health App activity import
Health App current health data import
Health App historic health data import  
WiFi-Sync with rubiTrack for Mac
Training summary  
Equipment management  
Athlete log  
Zones editing  
Free 7-day trial subscription  

When the PRO subscription is not renewed, rubiTrack 6 transitions to the non-subscribed state. All features will revert according to the table above.

All data and settings that are part of the PRO feature set (for example segments, athlete log data, performance data, equipment items and usage, time spans, zones, chart settings, ...) will remain intact and stored until PRO is renewed the next time.