Better Chart
Dynamically configurable multiple chart areas.
Two way interactive selection between chart and track.
Continuous 10x zoom.
Pie charts for zone distribution.
Better Map
New rubiTrack Terrain map.
Multiple Tracks on the map.
Animated and auto-collapsing info markers.
Quick stats pop ups for each track point.
Better Calendar
Continuous calendar in three modes.
Smooth scrolling.
Better Zones
Zones configurable for different activity types.
10 zones.
New control for adjusting zones.
New Activity Comparison
In the chart in bar, lines and pie diagrams.
In the map.
New Bests
Automatically calculates best segments for speed, pace, duration and power.
Best are displayed in the chart, the workout summary and the dashboard.
New Trainings Analysis
Automatically calculated training intensity.
Long term and short term training stress.
Automatically calculated lactate threshold pace and power.
New Dashboard
Graphical comparison between a time-frame and the preceding period.
Visual performance indicators for activity level, pace, speed and power.
Easily accessible training history.
and 32 new Activities…
Over 100 New Features — these are just a few
Multi area chart in the workout summary.
Customizable activity types and categories.
Per activity type setups.
Better elevation correction algorithm.
Multiple activity selection and editing.
Multiple equipment selection and editing.
Fitbit weight syncing.
Power calculation for cycling.
Improved activity type recognition.
Support for Garmin 910XT swim activities.
Activity merging.
Faster loading and saving.